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BloodRunner is a game in which you play a miniaturized criminal agent
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15 May 2013

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Entertainment comes in all forms which range from music to movies to games and a whole lot of other options that are present in this digital age. The world of gaming has many genres and some of them are pretty well known while some of them use are just your average games. These games provide the user with hours upon hours of unending entertainment as the user tries to master the gameplay while getting mesmerized by the wonderful graphics. One of these games is BloodRunner 1. This game sends the user on a fantastic journey through the human body as a miniaturized criminal agent who is tasked with escaping the blood stream of the target he is within.

BloodRunner 1 is definitely a fun play through for almost any person out there. It has over 12 beautiful yet intricate levels which challenge the human mind and prove to be quite an adventure to undertake for the user. The 12 plus levels revolve around the human body complete with cells and blood to swim around in as the user takes control of a criminal agent who has to escape this body by travelling through the blood stream and avoid the obstacles that come within his path. There is also a wonderful plot that drives the player through the course of the game and the best part is the twists and turns that lie within the story that will leave the user shocked and excited. The game is compatible with most of the platforms out there both portable and non-portable too. So the user can play this wonderful adventurous game while on the go and get the best score while trying to complete the game.

The game is a wonderful path to take if a person if he wishes to undertake a beautiful but challenging adventure riddled with obstacles and all sorts of dangers. BloodRunner 1 gets a score of 4 out of 5 on account of the sheer excitement it offers.

Publisher's description

BloodRunner is a game in which you play a miniaturized criminal agent. Over 12 beautiful levels you will explore the human body, control the target host and find your escape!
BloodRunner runs on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It's an Arcade style race against the clock, with a twist in the plot!
Your journey will take you through the blood system, inside a cell nucleus, back out and around the heart, the eyes, the brain, the inner ear, the lungs, and more! Add in a plot with a few twists and turns, and you're in for one great adventure!
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